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More energy through adrenal support

There are many great supports to a body in addition to chiropractic adjustments. This one revolves around a simple question: Do you want to be lively and have more fun?

Feeling energetic and young is something every we all want. Chemically, our bodies need a complete spectrum of nutrition to keep producing energy in excess. With a constant state of daily stress, the capacity for our adrenal glands to produce energy hormones (namely, adrenaline and cortisol) becomes reduced. These hormones maintain the balance our “fight or flight” mechanisms and the resting, calming effect that complements it.

Nutritionally, a majority of us use adrenal stimulants on a regular basis: caffeine, sugar, chocolate to name a few. With these products in the dietary supply, how do we balance into resting space? Consistent lack of balance within the adrenals leads to a mal-function known as Adrenal insufficiency. The symptoms of this type of imbalance can range from persistent tiredness, lack of ability to sleep well at night, difficulty with digestion and emotional uneasiness (because feeling simulated all the time is not a plesant sensation).

A supplement like Stress & Adrenal Support will support the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the production of hormones. This adds a direct benefit of resupplying the needed vitamins and compounds to produce our "energy" systems, as well as stimulating a balancing rest cycle.

Adrenal insufficiency is extremely common and mostly ignored. An easy test for this condition (Ragland's test) compares the blood pressure taken lying down, and then repeated standing-up. Standing demands a higher blood pressure to keep adequate flow to the brain and should occur almost instantly. If when taking the BP standing, the higher pressure is not more than 10mmHg increased, it is considered a direct lack in adrenal function.

The Stress and Adrenal Support supplement is a chewable vitamin specifically formulated to support adrenal function, especially regulating your sleep cycle and awakening cycle. It contains no stimulants and no artificial ingredients and is quickly noticeable in effect.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or craving sugar or caffeine in the afternoon just to stay awake, then this is a supplement that can help you. If lacking energy is a problem, this vitamin will help your energy level by balancing adrenal function. If you feel your life is over-stressed, this will help balance your hormones. I feel everyone over 60 years of age should try this product for one month and decide if it works for them.

The truth is, everyone using chiropractic care to improve themselves should try Stress and Adrenal Support because of daily stress levels and the fact that our diets don’t supply enough nutrients to keep the adrenal glands happy.

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