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Why Chiropractic Miracles Happen...A Lot

The term “chiropractic miracles” has been used since 1895 when the first chiropractic patient, Harvey Willard, received a chiropractic adjustment and his hearing was restored. You will often hear people say, when talking about their chiropractic miracles, “My back is so much better, I can stand up straight, My migraines are gone, My blood pressure is down, My heartburn is gone, Menstrual cramping went away, My Digestion is better, I haven’t had a cold in years and so on and so on….

What is the science behind chiropractic miracles? Here it is, simply worded. At the moment of your conception, 23 chromosomes from your mother and 23 chromosomes from your father combined to form one cell, the unique “You”. Barely the size of a pinhead, that one cell began to divide into what is now an estimated 80 quadrillion cells that make up your body. This process is driven by an Innate Intelligence, an inborn wisdom, which knows how tall you will be, the length of your fingers, where your nose should be on your face, and where your vital organs belong. This Innate Intelligence stays with you after you are born and guides every function of your body until your last breathe of life.

The master control system for this vitalistic energy is your nervous system which consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves that go to every cell, tissue and organ. Nerves control your heartbeat, respiration, hormone balance, digestion, immune system, muscle contraction and every other function that is necessary for you to live a healthy life.

Your Innate Intelligence is so ‘wise” to the importance of this system that it is the only system that is fully encased in bone. Your skull protects your brain and your spinal column protects your spinal cord.

When your spine is aligned and balanced, your nervous system can communicate freely between your brain and your cells so that your body functions the way that it is supposed to.

Unfortunately, your spine can become injured, misaligned, out of balance, subluxated, putting pressure on the nerves and interfering with these vital messages. Research shows that pressure equivalent to the weight of a dime can reduce nerve transmission and within two weeks, can begin to deteriorate. These subluxations, commonly caused by birth trauma, childhood falls, accidents and all types of stress, reduce the function of all the areas supplied by these nerves.

Nerve pressure can effect areas in your body that are directly supplied by those nerves i.e. muscles, bladder, prostate or heart, and they can also effect your entire body because of the interconnected relationship that each cell, organ and system shares. Chiropractic adjustments remove pressure from these nerves allowing the body to function normally again and heal itself. This chiropractic miracle is a common occurrence in our practice.

Unfortunately, additional research confirms that nerve compression can exist without pain. These asymptomatic subluxations can lie dormant for decades and lead to severe health problems later in life. Chiropractic miracles, in this case can sometimes take longer to achieve, but as long as you are alive, your body has the innate ability to heal.

In either case, chiropractors don’t treat symptoms or conditions. We look for, and remove, the interference so that your body can heal itself and express its full potential and we truly enjoy the miracles that follow. The science behind these chiropractic miracles is simple. Put the science behind the miracles to work for you whether you have symptoms or not, so that you and your family can enjoy the long, healthy life you deserve.

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