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Is There Enough Love in the World Today?

I recently took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I had a chance to view and walk around some beautiful landscape, very different from our NJ scenery. And I noticed the altitude made me feel awkward as it was hard to move quickly and breathe normally. At 12,000 feet above sea level, the air seems thin, even though it contains the same percentage of oxygen that we have here at nearly sea level. The frequent stopping to catch my breath gave me time to look around more. Many times I viewed people in groups, families and friends. I started thinking more about relationships among varied people and if they really cared about each other, and what it would mean if they did. Everyone is cordial on vacation. Rarely would anyone appear to be having a bad time or in a bad mood. Such is vacation I suppose. Then I thought about how we start our day at Pennington Family Chiropractic. We start by listening to a song entitled "When Love Takes Over" by Kelly Rowland. We have done this for so long I don't remember when we started. The fact remains that we are working to keep people healthier so they can have more happiness and love in their lives. We are working to improve the most important thing in people's lives. Health is our greatest wealth, I wrote that on my business card 35+ years ago and it is true today. I know that health and spirit come from within the body, that the power that made our bodies heals our bodies and doesn't stop until it leaves. The energy that keeps us alive is our inborn intelligence, and if we were to listen closely to the inborn intelligence, we would know that the world needs more love. There is certainly not enough love in the world. So as you get healthier share your love, spread it around to anyone, everyone. If it is not accepted it won't be your fault for trying. You can never predict how other people will respond. In fact, let love radiate without concern for results. And tell them to try chiropractic.

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