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Fighting Problems With Poison

One of the significant signs of our society is to fight a problem with a poison. In almost any arena in Western culture, when a problem arises, the most popular solution is a short term poison dose to relieve the symptoms of the problem.

Weeds overtaking farmland? Poison the weeds, no more problem. Kids acting hyperactive when they should be sitting still in school? Addictive chemicals for the kids, no more problem. Food going bad before it is able to be sold in a market? Spray preservatives that are FDA approved, no more problem. Hard time getting kids to eat the food you want them to? Cover the food in cheese/sugar/blue frosting, etc. and no more problem!

While these are meant to be amusing and thought provoking, the real truth is the VAST MAJORITY of what Americans consider healthcare is actually poison for a bigger problem. Here are some real steps people are taking now that are fighting problems with poison:

  • High cholesterol → statin drugs (block production of CoQ-10, testosterone, other steroids).

  • Cancer → chemotherapy, radiation and invasive surgery (chemotherapy and radiation also both cause cancer).

  • Sleep disturbances → addictive drugs (most prescriptive drugs for sleep have been shown to take years off of your lifespan).1

  • Chronic pain problems → acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen (NSAIDs) turn into oxycodone, codeine and other intense, addictive drugs. NSAIDs are the leading cause of liver failure and internal bleeding in the country.

  • Problem with your gall bladder/ tonsils/ appendix/ uterus → surgical removal of irritating body parts.

It seems almost cliché, but what is the sustainability of these types of healthcare choices? Can we forever poison our bodies to greater health? If the answer is so clearly NO, then why do so many people choose poisons over correction? YOU, the reader, know a handful of people who are blatant in ignoring how to correct a health problem and

instead choose symptomatic, relief care (overwhelmingly by using a poison of some sort).

We must make a change. Luckily, there is no greater opportunity for a different approach to healthcare than what is available in our area. We at Pennington Family Chiropractic are committed to sustainable healthcare gains. Correcting spinal instabilities and nerve irritation for long-term health is an essential part of any long-term health strategy. So is exercise, good dental hygiene, proper nutrition, regular detoxification, nurturing sleep and other things.

And yet, nothing is as essential as a clear communication inside of our bodies. Create a healing response to your problems!

1. Kripke, D.F.,

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