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HOW you exercise is how you EMPHASIZE


The key feature of the exercises we teach is its emphasis on maintaining NeuroStructural Stability while you use your body. From basic positions (like where to hold your head in a car), to complex patterns (holding lumbar stability when squatting), the Stability Exercises we teach compliment your progress with your adjusting and ensure that you will have the proper strength patterns to maintain your Stability improvement.


Most Common Areas of NeuroStructural Stability Exercising

  • Cervical Alignment and Head Position

  • Core Stability and Movement Integration

  • Sporting Activities

  • Balancing and Lower Limb Strength


Stability Exercises provide additional professional support to address weakness in how you use your body. We identify weak patterns in our NeuroStructural Assessment, then create personalized care plans just for you. By combining Corrective Adjustments, which address the primary instability, with Stability Exercises, you have a plan to allow your body to heal current injuries while also improving how it holds this correction into your future.

Seated Pelvic Tilt

Seated Pelvic Tilt

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