Pennington Family Chiropractic New Fee Schedule Effective Saturday July 17, 2021


NeuroStructural Adjustment 10                             Estimated time with doctor: 10 minutes

All you need for continued health and well-being.

Includes: acute and supportive care, lifestyle support, stretching and all modalities. 


$75 per visit

12 visits for $780 ($65/visit)

30 visits for $1650 ($55/visit)


Pediatrics, Students and Golden Agers: (Ages 0-18, students with ID, and 65+): 

$60 per visit

12 visits for $600 ($50/visit)


Active duty military, disabled veterans and local first responders: $50 per visit


***NOTE for existing visit packages***

All visit packages will be honored for visits remaining for 10 minute sessions only.


NeuroStructural Adjustment 20                             Estimated time with doctor: 20 minutes

For people who want deeper work and need extra hands on doctor time.

Includes: all features above, plus extremity adjustments, additional time for focused problems, cranial balancing, deep muscle release, cold laser, and/or additional techniques.


$140 per visit ($120 for visit package holders, pediatrics, students and Golden Agers)


Advanced Integrative Adjustments            Estimated time with doctor: 60 minutes

Limited availability, appointments must be approved by the doctor prior to scheduling.

Includes: spinal and extremity adjustments integrated with a body massage, cranial balancing, and any/all the tools needed to address your deepest body concerns. Each experience is unique in focus, requests are honored.


$350 per visit ($320 for visit package holders, students and Golden Agers)





Existing Patient Re-Evaluations                             Estimated time with doctor: 30 minutes

A keystone in sustainable health is self-reflection and comparison to NeuroStructural norms. Required during every 12-18 months of care.

Included: functional assessment of NeuroStructural Stability with neurological, orthopedic and motion quantification, digital structural analysis, review of support exercise proficiencies and lifestyle support; NeuroStructural adjustment.


$185 per visit ($175 for visit package holders, pediatrics,students and Golden Agers)



New Patient Evaluations                                          Estimated time with doctor: 45 minutes

Performing NeuroStructural Stability assessment through dynamic testing with neurological, orthopedic and motion quantification; consultation of requested x-rays; the first NeuroStructural adjustment.


$300 ($250 within 30 days of NPC)

$250 for pediatrics, students and Golden Agers ($200 within 30 days NPC)


New Patient Consultations                                       Estimated time with doctor: 15 minutes

A conversational review of your symptoms, personal health history, care needs and goals; explanation of NeuroStructural Stability and compatibility with your clinical and financial concerns.


$50 paid in advance

This charge will be carried forward to evaluation cost if scheduled within 30 days




Alternative Payments


The advancing rate of financial difficulty for people throughout this community to get the care they need is something we are committed to finding a way to make work. We seek to embrace people in their pursuit of health regardless of their background, and offer these alternative payment methods for those who choose it.  All alternative payment arrangements must be approved by management prior to start.


Patient Support Shifts

For someone who wants to support the PennFamChiro community in exchange for care, we are offering an opportunity for you to assist our team in providing patient in and out flow support during adjusting shifts.  Limited availability on a rotating schedule.


Barter with Products or Services
Have a business or access to products?  Want to offer personal services in exchange for your chiropractic care? We are welcoming contributions to our business and personal needs as a way to access care.  All barters will be matched at MSRP price. Please let us know what you have to offer and we will let you know if it meets our needs. Email us for further discussion.


Cryptocurrencies – COMING SOON

If you have a growing reserve of digital currencies, we are receiving Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies based upon agreed exchange rates at time of service.  Please advise on currency type prior to payment.

New PFC schedule starting Saturday July 17th.