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Dear PennFamChiro Tribe,


Every day I feel like I learn more as a chiropractor. One of my continuing lessons is how grateful I am to be able to take care of you.  I find inspiration in serving people who agree with similar healthcare values, including chiropractic. It can be hard work learning how to care for your constantly changing body. It gives me great satisfaction to know that your health is improved through our interactions.


I enjoy finding ways to connect deeper and leverage our relationship into lasting healing.  If you have been sleeping better, gardening with a stronger head position, recovering quicker, and generally keeping your body happier, then it is safe to say we both have learned from each other.


In observing the overall patterns of taking care of thousands of patients in a dozen years, I am also learning some of the deeper, cultural and education issues with why people end up losing their health. I feel a growing passion to teach more people these essential life lessons, structurally related and beyond. I also want to continue to work as a primary care provider as it feeds my curiosity and my talent in using my hands for healing work.


As anyone who has been in the last few months have noticed, there is a massive gift of service that my wife Christie continues to give to me as my primary assistant and staff.  A long chapter can be written for the type of support I have received from her in the roles she has filled at PFC.  I want to be able to include a level of life experience for our family and my own life's sustainability. Especially with young children and the brave new world.  Anyone listening to our cultural heartbeat knows this to be true.


I am excited to introduce to you that Pennington Family Chiropractic is going through a major evolution in its 41st year of life!


We are moving!  Just 4 miles north to 23 Route 31 North, suite B-26 at a professional complex called Pennington Pointe (at the intersection of 31N & N Main St/Treefarm Rd).  We are very inspired by our new space, the quieter atmosphere, the abundant natural light and more.  My last day at the circle office will be my birthday, Wednesday June 30th. We will be closed from July1st through July 16th to juggle our move, and will re-open for business at our new location on Monday July 17th.


I am changing the structure of how I see patients in the following ways:


I am now offering 10, 20 & 60 minute adjusting sessions. During the 10 minute adjustments, I will be able to cover everything I normally do with you plus about 30% extra time compared to your current visits. 20 minute sessions will be for anyone who wants extra attention, additional extremity focus, cranial work, or many other options!  For years I’ve been adding to the skill sets of how to work on the human frame and can now start to offer you this extended time on a regular basis.  60 minute sessions require consultation at your regular adjustment visits.


Our fee schedule is changing.  This change reflects the reality of operating costs for a small business in the healthcare field. As price shifts can be accompanied by concern, I am also excited to launch multiple alternative payment methods, with more information here.  Established families will be eligible for custom packages according to time and care needs, please contact me for more.

These two changes alone are significant because they mean a likely frequency change for many patients.  My intention is that the additional time and depth of our adjustments will support a lower frequency care plan for many people.  I seek to achieve the best outcomes possible for you, even if it means I see you less often.


We are changing our hours of operation.  I am going to start offering adjustments from Monday through Thursday, a visual of the schedule can be seen here with the new hours.  I will also be working every other Saturday.  I learned at the very beginning of my practice career that weekend hours are essential for some people in order to access care, and I intend to keep that option open.


I am switching to a non-participating provider in Medicare.  This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made as a practitioner, as I know it means people I have known for my whole life will be impacted.  I will continue to submit a bill to Medicare for you, but now Medicare will be sending you the checks.  Your visits will now require the fee at time of service. My last day participating will be June 30.


We will no longer be billing for any out of network insurance coverage.  We will print or email a statement for you to submit on your own and get reimbursed by the insurance company directly. These visits will now require the full fee at the time of service.


Dr. Mike Chavez will be leaving the PennFamChiro tribe.  He and his family are moving towards new opportunities out west. His last day working with us will be on Monday June 28th. I'm incredibly grateful for his work these past 9 months and look forward to hearing of his future successes!

Our scheduling capacity will become smaller.  We are encouraging our patients to begin scheduling in advance for a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure you get the time you need. Last minute appointments are going to be much harder to get under our new structure.  Last-minute cancellations and missed appointments will have a missed visit fee.


There’s a lot to unpack with all of these changes, so I will be sending out more information as the move date gets closer.  I am excited to enter the next phase of my practitioner life, and I hope you will join me.


Yours in Health and Sustainability,

Dr Aryn Gabai & the PennFamChiro Team


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