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Let's Address Your Complex Health Challenges

Use the full spectrum of health empowering care to support your body in its deepest healing.

In the years I have practiced in a holistic model, I have found that some of my skill set is in helping people determining an action plan on what to do about your health challenges - beyond chiropractic care. 

As I study more of the tools and backbone of robust health outside of the chiropractic model for care, I am now making space to help you transform a health challenge you might be facing. In response to multiple requests for me to speak to patients about their full spectrum health, then the Expanded Care Consultation is next for you.

Here's our plan for each individual Expanded Care Consultation:

  • A virtual or sit-down conversation where we go into detail about your current challenge and what you are doing about it.

  • A chance for an expert to identify and teach you about the mechanisms of your challenge, including a personalized model for how or why your body is being challenged.

  • Discussion of complimentary concurrent treatment and care actions, options for coordinated care management, and new paths for healing.

  • Connections to local and respected professionals to help you get the information and care you need without the hurdles of chasing specialists inside the medical maze.

The healthcare world is getting rapidly more complex, often worsening people's access to a complete return to health.  If you've been in a challenging health situation, NOW is the time to take charge.

These consultations are a result of many patients requests for my time and attention to their non-structural complaints.  Availability will be limited, and more importantly, options for your care are always limited by the resources available.

The sooner we meet, the sooner you will be able to build a personal knowledge and action plan for yourself. 


Fill out the attached form to get started!

Let's Get Started

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